Compaq Presario 5170

Compaq Presario 5170. * CPU: Intel Pentium II @ 350 Mhz * memory: * hard drive: (currently) Seagate 120 GB * optical drive 1: * optical drive 2: * gfx: * network: * sound: * usb:

os testing: FreeBSD, yaVDR,

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2011-01-27: I installed another hard drive in the machine (Seagate 120 GB), and proceeded to set up yaVDR on it. See the yAVDR page.

1988: or thereabouts. This was my first "home pc" from work (the "home pc" concept was kind of new at that time). The machine ran Windows 98, originally, but got upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional sometime. Lots of history happened, but it was not documented.