Commodore 1571

Wikipedia: Commodore 1571

floppy drive

serial no: DA 4 36526

power: 220 - 240 VAC, 250 mA, 50 Hz

dos ROM: 3.0 (310654-03)

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History / work log

2012-02-24: today I removed the old mains socket (cut off the wires at the socket, and unscrewed it). Then I screwed the new mains socket in place, and soldered the wires to the lugs on it. Testing: when powered on, the power light (red) turns on, and almost simultaneously, the drive light (green) turns on then off. I can hear the drive motor spin a bit at the start (about 3 seconds). Sounds good, but I need to fix the C128 (or get another CBM machine) to test this drive.

2011-10-07: the new mains socket arrived.

2011-10-01: I ordered a new mains socket with filter from ELFA (partnr. 69-631-51) for NOK 141.- including shipping.

2011-09-30: I have now found other threads about the mains filter on the Commodore 1571 leaking. Time to replace it I think.

2011-09-29: I removed the PSU board (four screws) so I could have a look at the logic board underneath. The DOS ROM (U2) is part no: 310654-03, indicating dos V3.0. This can be upgraded to V3.1 by changing the ROM to 310654-05 (or reprogramming it with an EPROM burner and the right image).

2011-09-29: I opened up the drive (four screws on the bottom) and did a visual inspection. The PSU PCB looks ok (PCB ASSY P/N 325188-01 REV A), but there is some white stuff on the mains socket where the internal wires come out of it.Perhaps there is a filter in the socket and the capacitor has leaked?

2011-09-29: the drive arrived. Just the drive, no cables or other stuff.

2011-09-26: a person on a forum gave away a Commodore 1571 floppy drive for the price of shipping (NOK 160.- as it turned out - this thing is heavy). The seller said that this drive probably has some electrical problems: sometimes the electrical circuit earth fault switch trips, and the drive gets hot around the mains input.