ZyXEL GS1900-24E

ZyXEL GS1900-24E

  • Model: ZyXEL GS1900-24E
  • ports: 24
  • firmware: 2.10 (AAHK.0) was: 1.00 (AAHK.0)

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2021-07-07: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2018-04-18: switch 1 - configuration - I set ip address and other parameters. Remember to save after changing configuration!

2018-04-18: switch 1 - firmware - the new switch comes with firmware 2.20 (AAHK.0). I upgrade it to version 2.40 (AAHK.0), for both active and backup partition.

2018-04-17: I got a pickup message (SMS) and fetched the package at the closest pick-up point (Oslo Sentrum).

2018-04-16: I ordered a new GS1900-24E from Komplett at a price of NOK 1047.- I will use this as main switch at home (the two previous switches was donated to Bitraf).

2016-03-31: second switch (serial number S140H26001683) - firmware - it also runs firmware 1.00. Upgrade, switch image, reboot. After reboot, new firmware V2.10(AAHK.0) 09/10/2015 is running.

2016-03-31: first switch - firmware - after reboot, the switch now runs firmware version V2.10(AAHK.0) 09/10/2015.

2016-03-31: first switch - firmware - newest firmware available is version 2.10. I downloaded, unpacked it and went to Maintenance, Firmware. Select HTTP, choose file "2.10(AAHK.0)C0.bix", put into -backup Image, Apply. The image is uploaded, then it says "Writing image to FLASH, do not power down" for a while and I'm back at the login screen. Logging in, the switch still runs firmware 1.00. Go to Maintenance, firmware, Management, select Backup as "Active Image" and press apply. The Maintenance, Reboot, Reboot.

2016-03-31: first switch - I connected the first switch (serial number SI30H52001768) to a machine with a 192.168.1.xx ip address and used a browser to check out the switch. It shows up at address, and I can login with default username and password. Firmware version is 1.00(AAHK.0).