Norsk Data - SINTRAN


SINTRAN is a range of operating systems for Norsk Data's minicomputers. The original version of SINTRAN, released in 1968, was developed by the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in cooperation with the affiliated research institute, SINTEF. The OS's name is a portmanteau of SINTEF and FORTRAN, Fortran being the implementation language. Norsk Data itself took part in the development of SINTRAN II, a multi-user system that constituted the software platform for the NORD-1 range. SINTRAN III was developed by Norsk Data, and launched in 1974. It was used for the remainder of the ND machines from Norsk Data (NORD-10, ND-100) until the end of the company in 1992.

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All text from here on is about SINTRAN III.

Useful SINTRAN commands:

Change the prompt in SINTRAN;

 String: Gris-1@'
 In local mode? Y
Y, Y, Y

abort a warmstart:

press ESCape,
ENTER: SYS (system)
Password: **** (the password)
@ab-batch 1

Show warmstart commands:


show disks, etc:


show installed subsystems: