Redwire Econotag

The board has the following features:

  • Freescale MC13224v ARM7 microcontroller with 802.15.4 radio
  • Integrated bootloader (UART1, SPI, or I2C)
  • PCB Antenna (open-air LOS range approx. 500ft @ 0dDm; full transmit power is 4.5dBm.)
  • 24MHz crystal
  • Reset button
  • Two general purpose push buttons
  • 2 LEDs for general purpose or for RX and TX.
  • Flash erase jumpers (can also be erased using JTAG)
  • 36 GPIO brought out to 0.1" pin header (includes all peripheral pins)
  • On-board FT2232H JTAG and UART
  • USB-A connector, powered from USB
  • Pads for optional inductor for integrated buck converter
  • Pads for optional 32.768kHz crystal
  • Open development environment available at
  • Open hardware design (CC-BY-SA): design files

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2021-09-17: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2012-07-25: I installed Instant Contiki 2.6 in VirtualBox, and proceeded to compile some examples: First, set correct keyboard layout:

setxkbmap no

then, go contiki

cd ~/contiki/examples/hello-world
make TARGET=redbee-econotag hello-world

which worked. I then connected the econotag to the host, enabled it in VirtualBox... but the upload target doesn't exist:

make TARGET=redbee-econotag hello-world.upload

Hmm, Define an alias (in ~/./bash_aliases):

alias mcload='/home/user/contiki/cpu/mc1322x/tools/'

add my user to the dialout group:

sudo adduser user dialout

try an upload:

mcload -f hello-world_redbee-econotag.bin -t /dev/ttyUSB1
(here I press the RESET button on the board)
Size: 27764 bytes
Sending hello-world_redbee-econotag.bin
done sending files.
performing ring osc cal
crm_status: 0xc0000
sys_cntl: 0x18
ring osc cal complete
cal_count: 0x1879bd5
cal factor: 98
hib_wake_secs: 1960
Rime started with address 00:50:C2:A8:CD:21:B5:13
CSMA sicslowmac, channel check rate 100 Hz, radio channel 26
Starting 'Hello world process'
Hello, world


2012-07-25: the package arrived at the post office (Sofienberg), I paid NOK 204.- (84.- in VAT (MVA), and 120.- for handling (fortollingsgebyr). Total cost (os far) is NOK 644.-

2012-07-18: I ordered one Econotag from Redwire LLC, for USD 55.- plus USD 17.- in shipping (small flat rate box). A total of USD 72.- (about NOK 440.-). I selected "no firmware" when ordering.