Neotron Pico - assembly

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2023-07-02: check for shorts - 12 V to gnd - no short, 5 V to GND - no short (1.37 kohms), 3.3 V to GND - no short (305.2 ohms)

2023-07-02: install U301 in its socket.

2023-07-02: U201 is a DS1307, so I short JP1201 with a solder bridge. The DC power jack input has + (positive) on center pin.

2023-07-02: more soldering - J902, J903, J904, J905. JP201, JP1001, J1002, J1003, J1004, J1005, J801, J802, J803, J1006, J1001, J901, J1007, U802.

2023-06-22: soldering on components: J1101 - SD card holder, U201 - socket for the Pi Pico, J401 - VGA connector, BT1201 - battery holder, J1301 - DC input jack, U301 - socket, L1301, C1301, C1302, C801, C808, C809, U1301 - DC-DC module, SW1001 - ON / OFF, SW1002 - RESET,

2023-06-22: I created this page.