KeeYes USBASP ISP programmer

KeeYees USBasp ISP programmer.

Atmega 8A

12 MHz crystal

jumper for 5V / 3.3V

usbasp under Debian, FreeBSD,

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USBasp, firmware update guide,


2022-03-20: I created this page.

2022-03-09: I picked up the package at Extra Trondheimsveien (PostNord pickup point). Two programmers (USB A connector), 10-pins cable, and a 10-pin to 6-pin adapter

2022-03-08: I got a pick-up message (text).

2022-02-26: I ordered KeeYees 2pcs Downloader Programmer for USBASP for ISP with Cable and 10Pin to 6Pin Adapter Board for 51 for AVR Series Microcontroller from Amazon. Price breakdown: price USD 12.99, shipping & handling USD 9.05, VAT USD 5.51, a total of USD 27.55.