JeeLabs - JeeNode v6

model: JN6 - JeeNode v6

microntroller: Atmega 328P

clock: 16 Mhz ceramic resonator

power regulator: 3.3 V

input power: 3.5 - 13 V

wireless: Hope RF RFM12B 433 Mhz

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2022-03-05: I found the smd atmega 328p's I got in order to finish this kit. Now I just need to re-find the kit...

2021-09-17: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2016-04-14: Bitraf build night - found out that the PCB is for a JeeNode SMD v1, not a JeeNode v6. and the supplied Atmega 329P is DIP...

2016-04-12: I found the JeeNode v6 kit - still unbuilt. I should build and test this any day now.

2012-10-11: the package from JeeLabs landed in may mailbox.

2012-10-08: I got a shipped confirmation from JeeLabs.

2012-10-07: I ordered 1x JeeNode (v6) - No RF for €14.00 each, 1x RFM12B 433 MHz - SMD module for €6.50 each. With shipping at EUR 4.50, the total was EUR 25.- I got an order confirmation mail too.

2012-10-05: I sent a mail to JeeLabs, asking if it was possible to get a JeeNode v6 with a 433 MHz radio. Got an answer - yes, that is possible.