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2021-08-12: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2016-04-11: I use the SoftwareSerialExample modified for Arduino pin 10 (TX), pin 11 (RX), and I test with baud rates: 9600, 4800, 38400, 57600, 115200 - but no output. I switch TX and RX - still no output. I think this module is dead, Jim.

2016-04-11: update: connection - after reading that the serial pins are TTL levels, I simply connect them directly to Arduino pins 10, 11.

2016-04-11: connection. I have an Arduino Uno set up with a 4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converter on a breadboard. I connect black from the GPS module to ground, and red to + 5V, and the "3D Fix" LED starts blinking - a good sign, my connections are correct so far. GND pin on the converter to GND on the Arduino, "HV" on the converter to + 5V on Arduino, and "LV" on converter to + 3.3 V on Arduino. B3 on converter to pin 10 on Arduino Uno, and B4 on converter to PIN 11 on Arduino Uno. yellow on GPs to A3 to converter, orange on GPS to A4 on converter.

2016-04-11: testing an Eagle Tree GPS V6 that a friend from work lent me, for testing it. For some reason, it doesn't show up on Eagle Tree's web page. the PCB is labeled "ETS-PCB-GPS-V6". It supposedly have a MTK GPS chip, and the pinout is like this:

black - GND
red - VCC (+ 5V?)
yellow - TX or RX
orange - RX or TX

On top of the antenna is written "GTPA010" which implies that it is a FGPMMOPA6B or something like that. If so, Mediatek MT3329 chipset, 3.2 - 5 V DC power, default data rate: 9600 bps, 8-N-1. It doesn't say if the RX and TX are 3.3V or not. Update: "TTL level serial port".