Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an interesting little machine. Specifics on my machine:

model: model B


Raspberry Pi, forum, Raspberry Pi wiki at eLinux.org, Raspberry Pi as SDR Server, Pi Projects, RPi Serial Connection, Coder for RPi, NetBSD/evbarm on Raspberry Pi, PiGFX, Tek4010 emulator for Pi and Linux,

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FreeBSD ARM build,

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OS tested: Arch Linux ARM, [Debian], [Fedora Remix], [FreeBSD], NetBSD, [OpenELEC], QtonPi, [RISC OS],

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2021-08-13: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-03-14: Coder for Raspberry Pi looks interesting.

2013-02-15: the book ordered on 2013-02-06 showed up in my mailbox. Nice!

2013-02-06: I ordered a book "Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (Make: Projects)" from a seller (Movie Mars Inc.) at amazon.co.uk, mostly because it was cheap. Total cost was UKP 11.96 (about NOK 103.33), with UKP 7.00 (about NOK 60.48) of that being shipping.

2012-06-26: today I fetched the package from minnekort.no at the post office.

2012-06-23: I ordered some SD (sdhc) cards from minnekort.no, to have more choice in what I test and how.I ordered the following cards (all Transcend):

4 x 4 GB class 4
4 x 8 GB class 4
2 x 8 GB class 10

for a total of NOK 523.- including shipping.

2012-06-15: I paid the taxes (VAT) and handling charges (the shipping company collects this on behalf of the government): VAT: NOK 62.- and handling charge: NOK 130.- for a total of NOK 192.-

2012-06-03: for my first test, I inserted the SD card with Debian into the Pi, connected up ethernet cable, usb keyboard, usb mouse and a HDMi cable (tip: use ENTER on monitor to switch between inputs). I plugged the usb charger into mains. Then it is just to insert the cable from the charger into the micro usb connector on the Pi. The machine booted, but it appears the SD card I am using was old and not working correctly.

2012-06-01: the delivery man (DHL) delivered the package. Later that afternoon, I bought myself a male-to-male HDMI cable (NOK 150.-), a usb charger (36-4446, NOK 99.-) and a usb A to USB micro B cable (38-4118, NOK 69.-).

2012-05-31: out of the blue I got a call from DHL, they wanted to deliver a package from RS Components to me. I wasn't home, so the delivery was rescheduled for next day.

2012-05-16: I ordered the Raspberry Pi, model B, from RS Components and paid 26.55 GBP (NOK 263.19) for it.