Raspberry Pi 4 model B - 8 GB RAM

model: Raspberry Pi 4 model B (8 GB RAM)


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2021-07-03: I should probably get better HDMI cables (or, a HDMI to micro-HDMI cable) for this machine. Sometimes it only negotiates VGA (640x480) resolution on a full HD (1920x1080) monitor. According to a friend, this is caused by bad cables and adapters.

2021-07-02: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web-server.

2020-12-20: I created this page.

2020-12-19: connected the Pi 4 to usb keyboard, mouse and a HDMI monitor (I had a micro-to-normal HDMI adapter) to HDMI0 (left side, nearest USB-C power connector) and network via Ethernet cable. Powered up, everything works.

2020-12-19: I downloaded Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop (2020-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf.zip) and wrote to a 32 GB micro SD card that I had. Manually tweaked hostname (edit etc/hostname and etc/hosts on rootfs partition) and enabled ssh (touch ssh on boot partition) before inserting the microSD card into the Pi.

2020-12-19: at Bitraf, I installed the Pi 4 in the Pi Case 40, easy enough. The only part not clearly explained was if the protective plastic film (blue on one side, clear on the other) needed to be removed from the thermal pad when installing, but I removed both of them

2020-12-19: from Digital Impuls, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB RAM (147068) NOK 988.-, and a power supply black (145355) NOK 149.- a total of NOK 1137.-