IBM ThinkPad 380ED

IBM ThinkPad 380ED

  • type-model: 2635-5A0
  • cpu: Pentium / P55C @ 166 MHz
  • memory: 80 MB (16 MB on mainboard + 64 MB DIMM) this is the maximum amount of memory on this model
  • disk: 40 GB ide disk 2.5 inch
  • LCD: 800 x 600
  • video: NeoMagic NM2093
  • PCMCIA / PCCard: 2 x 16-bit slots. No CardBus (32-bit) support.
  • usb: no usb on this machine
  • bios: I1ET49WW, released 12/03/99 (version 1.14)

how to enter bios: hold down F1 when powering up the machine, until the EasySetup screen shows

boot: the machine can boot from floppy, cd-rom, harddisk, network, pcmcia

A bit old, but a nice machine

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Operating systems: FreeBSD,


2021-08-17: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server. Also, this machine i s no longer in my possession.

older history is (unfortunately) not documented.