Gigabyte F2A85XM-HD3

This motherboard is going to be a replacement in the v2 barebone machine.

  • case: "v2" barebone
  • power supply: Corsair CX430M
  • motherboard: Gigabyte F2A85XM-HD3, rev: 1.2
  • memory: 4 GB - 1 kit of 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) Corsair XMS3, DDR3, 1333 MHz, 4GB CL9-9-9-24. Max: 64 GB memory, 2 slots
  • cpu: AMD A6 5400K 3.8 GHz Max Turbo (3.6 GHz base frequency), 1.0 MB Cache, Black Edition, unlocked dual-core APU
  • cpu cooler: standard
  • built-in graphics: HD7540D (inside the APU)
  • gfx card: Asus EN8500GT Silent (PCI-Express), which is a nVidia G86 GeForce 8500 GT
  • hard drives:
  • ad4: 476940MB at ata2-master UDMA100 SATA 3Gb/s
  • ad6: 953869MB at ata3-master UDMA100 SATA 6Gb/s
  • optical drive: none (use an usb one when needed)

other: built-in memory card reader, connected via usb. It shows up like this in dmesg output:

pass0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
pass0: <Generic 2.0 Reader    -0 1.00> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device
pass0: 40.000MB/s transfers
da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
da0: <Generic 2.0 Reader    -0 1.00> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device
da1 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 1
da1: <Generic 2.0 Reader    -1 1.00> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device
da2 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 2
da2: <Generic 2.0 Reader    -2 1.00> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device

and like this with usbconfig:

root@kg-v2# usbconfig -u 1 -a 2
ugen1.2: <USB 2.0 Reader Generic> at usbus1, cfg=255 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON

uefi: version F3, Release Date: 03/12/2013

Operating systems: FreeBSD, NetBSD, Xubuntu,

keys: F12 - boot menu,

kvm switch: (used to be) port 1

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Work log

2021-08-17: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-04-13: replacement - see the Gigabyte B450 DS3H page.

2018-12-19: PSU - tested with a different PSU today. Still the same problem - it takes about 5 minutes before the machine shows anything on screen. So motherboard or CPU problems. Probably motherboard. Excuse for buying a new one?

2018-10-06: I checked the machine closer today. The PSU checks out with the PSU tester, but the DRAM voltage is 1.43 something volts, not 1.5 volts. The machine powers on, but somethings it takes a long time, capacitor trouble on motherboard? No visual clues. Perhaps I should buy a PSU replacement at my earliest convenience. Or replace the box altogether.

2018-08-21: the machine was offline today. Checked, it was sitting in the BIOS startup screen. Tried powering off then on; the machine doesn't come on. Must investigate further.

2016-10-05: an unscheduled power outage this evening required a power on of the machine after power was restored.

2014-07-19: uefi - newest bios is version F4b (beta), dated 2013/11/01. Contents of the archive:

tingo@kg-core1$ 7za l mb_bios_ga-f2a85xm-hd3_f4b.exe

7-Zip (A) [64] 9.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov  2010-11-18
p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_US.ISO8859-1,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,4 CPUs)

Listing archive: mb_bios_ga-f2a85xm-hd3_f4b.exe

Path = mb_bios_ga-f2a85xm-hd3_f4b.exe
Type = 7z
Method = LZMA BCJ
Solid = +
Blocks = 2
Physical Size = 2864625
Headers Size = 245
Offset = 162816

   Date      Time    Attr         Size   Compressed  Name
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
2014-04-18 09:50:23 ....A           23      2833696  autoexec.bat
2013-11-01 12:33:45 ....A      8388608               f2a85xmhd3.f4b
2013-08-30 14:30:24 ....A        60372        30684  Efiflash.exe
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
                               8449003      2864380  3 files, 0 folders

Nothing more.

2013-11-16: hard drive - I am adding another hard drive, WD Blue 1.0 TB, model WD10EZEX. This makes it easier for me to test stuff. The new hard drive is located in the lowest slot, fastened with only two screws on one side, and connected to the SATA port marked "SATA3[1]" on the motherboard.

2013-09-24: uefi - there is a version F4a (beta) dated 2013/05/30 available.

2013-09-23: graphics card: I installed the graphics card in the PCI Express x16 slot (the "upper" one, closest to the APU). Tested booting the machine, the gfx card is selected automatically - good, the machine boots up normal, and the network interface works - good.

2013-09-23: hard drive - I secured the hard drive with only two screws on one side (makes it easier to get it out), connected it to power and to the SATA port marked "SATA3[0]" on the motherboard.

2013-09-23: I unpacked the motherboard and noticed right away that it only has two DIMM slots, not four. Re-checking, Gigabyte has it correct, NetOnNet got it wrong. The motherboard is REV: 1.2. cpu: I installed the APU and the cooler, and connected the CPU fan connector to its socket. memory: I installed 2 x 2 GB DIMMs. 4 GB is better than nothing. chassis: I unplugged everything, unscrewed the old motherboard and removed it and the I/O shield. New motherboard: I installed the new I/O shield, the new motherboard, and screwed it in. The new motherboard is smaller than the old one, and has only 6 screws. Connectors: I connected the main PSU connector, the ATX_12V (2 x 4) connector, I left the SYS_FAN connector alone (the case doesn't have a fan), connected F_AUDIO, F_PANEL, F_USB1 and 2 (no usb 3.0 ports on this case) and that concluded the connectors on the motherboard. Power-on-test: a quick test confirms that the machine starts up, and that it boots from a usb-connected disk drive with FreeBSD on it.

2013-09-23: I picked up the packages at my local PIB (Post I Butikk) which is RIMI Trondheimsveien today.

2013-09-19: I ordered a new motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A85XM-HD3 (192561) NOK 549.- and CPU: AMD A6 5400K 3.6GHZ BLACK (180759) NOK 479.- from NetOnNet, total NOK 1028.-. I will use the old memory from the v7 machine, that will give me 8 GB RAM. A bit later I got an order confirmation too.