Cinet PPI-600

Brand: Cinet

  • model: PPI-600
  • cpu: Pentium II @ 350 MHz
  • memory: 320 MB (64 MB + 128 MB + 128 MB - all three slots filled), SDRAM, PC100
  • hard drives: 20 GB - ad0 ATA/ATAPI revision 4
  • 80 GB - ad3 ATA/ATAPI revision 7
  • optical drive: acd0 ATA/ATAPI revision 0
  • network: xl0: <3Com 3c900-TPO Etherlink XL> port 0xd000-0xd03f irq 11 at device 12.0 on pci0

function: web server and web proxy.

Info about FreeBSD, ... on this machine.

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2021-08-21: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2016-10-05: an unscheduled power outage this evening required a power on of the machine after power was restored.

2014-01-11: it doesn't look like I've written this down before; today's reboot reminded me; BIOS reports "floppy disk(s) fail" when the machine boots. The floppy drive is likely defective.

2013-04-21: the CPU fan was starting to make loud noises, so I shut down the machine, opened it up and cleaned it (lots of dust). I had to unmount the PSU (4 x Torx T15 screws) in order to get the CPU out. I unscrewed the CPU fan, peeled back he label on the "down" side and applied a drop of mineral oil. The I reassembled everything. It works now, but we will see how long it lasts.

2012-11-21: temporary move of the machine to a different room, because of house upgrades.

2012-04-05: more frequent read errors on ad0 now. Time to backup and replace.

2006-10-04: the ad0 hard drive died. Replaced with a slightly larger one.

2004-08-03: I've added a new hard drive, 80 GB Samsung: ad3 ATA/ATAPI revision 7. BIOS wouldn't detect the new hard drive, so in BIOS it is set to "NONE". Doesn't matter to FreeBSD.

2004-05-02: memory upgraded from 64 MB (one DIMM) to 320 MB (64 + 128 + 128 MB). All three slots are used now.