Asus V2-M3N8200 - OpenSolaris

Hardware info on main page.

This machine is tested with the 64-bit version of OpenSolaris.

The first ata hard drive is sliced up as follows:

slice 1 - 20 GB - OpenSolaris

Work log

2009-01-03: I installed OpenSolaris (2008.11) from a liveCD. I needed the nfo driver (from here) to get the network interface going. I downloaded version 2.6.3 (on another machine, onto a usb memory stick), tested it and installed it. Easy enough. Everything seems to work so far. Output from: dmesg, prtconf -D, prtdiag. uname -a output:

tingo@kg-vm:~/work$ uname -a
SunOS kg-vm 5.11 snv_101b i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris