Asus M2A-VM HDMI and NetBSD

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work log

2007-12-27: and here is the dmesg output after installing NetBSD's GENERIC.MP kernel.

2007-12-25: Ok, using a usb keyboard is a good workaround. I finally got NetBSD 4.0 installed. Here is dmesg output. Basic settings in /etc/rc.conf:

2007-12-24: NetBSD Live! 2007 has the same problem - dead keyboard. I managed to catch a glimpse of one error message as it flew across the screen kbc: cmd word write error.

2007-12-23: Tried to install NetBSD 4.0 (amd64). First attempt failed. The CD boots, but when themain menu appears the keyboard doesn't respond at all - totally dead. boot -c also doesn't work - when the userconfig prompt appears the keyboard is dead.