Apple PowerMac G5 - OS X

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Work log

2011-01-15: Ok, I took out the two outermost DIMMs (DIMM2/J13 and DIMM3/J14) and now I am running a memory test only from ASD OF, with only the Samsung DIMMs (DIMM0/J11 and DIMM1/J12) in the system. Test OK. Next, testing with the other two DIMMs, also in J11 and J12. Test OK.

2011-01-15: I used Disk Utility to burn Apple System Diagnostics - ASD 2.5.8 to a CD. Then I booted from the CD while holding the "C" button, this got me into "Apple Service Diagnostics OF", and I started a test. The fans run a bit (easy to hear), which is not something I'm used to from OS X. The first test froze the machine (the fans came on full blast, and that is easy to distinguish), and I had to power it off. Currently running the test a second time. Looks better now, it is up to test 5 (of 87). Ok, all 87 tests passed (it took 49 minutes), and everything is ok. Hmm..

2011-01-15: after booting OS X today (after a couple of freezes), I got this on screen in OS X:

System Failure: cpu=1; code=00000007 (Unaligned stack)
Latest crash info for cpu 1:
    Exception state (sv=0x327E4780)
          PC=0x0008D164; MSR=0x00001000; DAR=0x8FFF6780; DSISR=0x42000000; LR=0x00088C38; R1=0x1C528240; XCP=0x00000098 (System Failure)
Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 7.9.0:
Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005; root:xnu/XNU-517.12.7.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC

Memory access exception (1,0,0)
ethernet MAC address: 00:0d:93:58:87:86
ip address

Waiting for remote debugger connection.

Oops. Question is if the memory is bad, or one of the cpus?

2011-01-14: ran software update again today, a large batch of security and other fixes. No changes to base software that I can detect.

2011-01-14: I am testing memory with Rember. I downloaded the one for OS X 10.3.9, and tested all memory. The program was able to allocate 1734 MB memory for testing. Here are the test results.

2011-01-10: software update brought the OS up to 10.3.9 (7W98), kernel Darwin 7.9.0.

2011-01-09: the machine came with Mac OS X 10.3.5 (7P134), kernel version Darwin 7.5.1 installed.