Apple Power Macintosh G4 (Digital Audio)

Model: Power Macintosh G4 (Digital Audio) - M5183

  • Machine model: Power Mac G4
  • cpu: PowerPC G4 @ 533 MHz - PowerPC G4 (2.9)
  • memory: 512 MB (all 3 slots filled) - 2 x 128 MB DIMM + 1 x 256 MB DIMM
  • hard drives: 1 x 60 GB (IBM DeskStar 60GXP IC35L060AVER07-0, OS X), 1 x 160 GB (Maxtor DiamondMac Plus 9 - 6Y160L0, FreeBSD)
  • optical drive: Sony CD-RW CRX140E
  • graphics: nVidia GeForce 2 MX, 32 MB VRAM, AGP
  • network: 10/100/1000 wired ethernet
  • usb: usb 1.1, 2 ports
  • firewire: firewire 400, 2 ports
  • Audio: unsupported sound card
  • boot-ROM version: 4.2.8f1

os testing on this machine: FreeBSD, OS X,


Apple Hardware Test (AHT) images,

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2021-08-23: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2007-07-15: Since smartctl in FreeBSD reports that drive ad0 (the OS X drive) is a DeskStar 60GXP Series, I tried running Apple's Hard Drive Update 1 in OSX, unfortunately, it just says that it can't find any drives to update.

2007-07-15: my G4 suddenly decided that the OSX disk was "bad" somehow and refused to boot from it. I tried with Apple Hardware Test, but it just said "data storage: no errors" - bah. Finally, I opened up the machine and re-seated all the connectors on the disks. After that, the machine booted OSX again.

2007-01-29: A few days back, the OSX hard drive in the G4 nearly died.

2007-01-20: I was getting a bit tired of the quite noisy fans of my G4. I disassembled the machine and found out that it has two fans: a case fan (Delta Electronics Sensflow, model WFC1212B, 120 mm x 120mm x 25 mm, 12V DC, 0.44A) and a PSU fan (Delta Electronics, model ASB0812HH, 80mm x 80 mm x 25 mm, 12V DC, 0.30A). Both fans were securely fastened with four screws directly to metal. So I found some soft material and put between the four corners of each fan and the metal. after assembling the machine it has now become a lot quieter.

2006-03-24: I got the machine.