UPDuino v1.0

FPGA: Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus - iCE40UP5K

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UPDuino, Github gtjennings1/UPDuino_v1_0, Project IceStorm - Configuration process - UltraPlus,

Project demos

examples/up5k_rgb, up5k-demos/nes, gtjennings1/HyperRAM,

other links

UPDuino a $9.99 FPGA, Github aventuri/iceProgrammer,


2021-08-01: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-03-15: projects - possible - up5k_6502 - simple 6502 system up5k_basic - small 6502 system with MS BASIC in ROM , my6502 - simple 6502 computer

2018-09-24: I received the package, straight into my mailbox. I need to solder pin headers to it before I can test it.

2018-09-13: I got a notice that the package has been shipped (and a tracking link).

2018-09-05: I ordered 1 x UPDuino v1.0 Board for USD 9.99, free shipping. The interesting thing about it is that the FPGA has 128kbytes of internal RAM (in addition to the 15 kbytes of block RAM).