model: TinyFPGA B2

  • FPGA chip: ICE40LP8K
  • programming: USB
  • logic cells: 7680
  • block RAM: 128 kbits
  • User flash: 2000 kbits
  • phase lock loops: 1
  • User IO pins: 23


TinyFPGA, github tinyfpga, TinyFPGA-Computer-Project-Board, forum - discourse.tinyfpga.com, documentation - TinyFPGA B-Series User Guide, Hackaday - TinyFPGA B-Series, more links: Lattice FPGA programming adapter from the junk box,

possible projects

Apple-One - TinyFPGA B2 support, icestick_6502 small 6502 system, miniatom - Acorn Atom in minimal configuration for iCE40 HX8K ICOboard, PDP8-SOC, vt52-fpga - serial terminal for TinyFPGA BX.

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2021-08-01: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-03-15: projects - possible - icestick_6502 - small 6502 system.

2018-08-04: projects - possible - miniatom is designed for a iCE40 HX8K fpga. The LP8K has fewer I/O pins (178) than the HX8K (206), and only one PLL (HX8K PLL = 2) otherwise they look much alike. Anyway, there are only 23 user I/O pins available on the TinyFPGA B2.

2018-07-11: the TinyFPGA Computer Project Board (currently out of stock) is interesting. KiCAD schematics and so on in Github repo.

2018-03-27: perhaps I could run the PDP8-SOC on this board? Note: no source in repository.

2017-12-04: the TinyFPGA B2 arrived, directly into my mailbox.

2017-11-27: There was a sale on Tindie, so I ordered one TinyFPGA B2 without pins for USD 34.20 + shipping USD 5.- (USD 39.20 in total). About NOK 333.-