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2018-07-14: c1 - ada2p2 - version

tingo@kg-core1$ arachne-pnr --version
arachne-pnr 0.1+ (git sha1 UNKNOWN, c++ 3.4.1 -O2 -fstack-protector -fno-strict-aliasing -O2)


2018-07-14: c1 - ada2p2 - help output

tingo@kg-core1$ arachne-pnr -h

  arachne-pnr [options] [input-file]

Place and route netlist.  Input file is in BLIF format.  Output is
(text) bitstream.

    -h, --help
        Print this usage message.

    -q, --quiet
        Run quite.  Don't output progress messages.

    -d <device>, --device <device>
        Target device <device>.  Supported devices:
          384 - Lattice Semiconductor iCE40LP384
           1k - Lattice Semiconductor iCE40LP/HX1K
           5k - Lattice Semiconductor iCE40UP5K
           8k - Lattice Semiconductor iCE40LP/HX8K
        Default: 1k

    -c <file>, --chipdb <chipdb-file>
        Read chip database from <chipdb-file>.
        Default: +/share/arachne-pnr/chipdb-<device>.bin

    --write-binary-chipdb <file>
        Write binary chipdb to <file>.

    -l, --no-promote-globals
        Don't promote nets to globals.

    -B <file>, --post-pack-blif <file>
        Write post-pack netlist to <file> as BLIF.
    -V <file>, --post-pack-verilog <file>
        Write post-pack netlist to <file> as Verilog.

    --post-place-blif <file>
        Write post-place netlist to <file> as BLIF.

        Input must include placement.

    -p <pcf-file>, --pcf-file <pcf-file>
        Read physical constraints from <pcf-file>.

    -P <package>, --package <package>
        Target package <package>.
        Default: cm49 for 384, tq144 for 1k, ct256 for 8k

        Randomize seed.

    -m <int>, --max-passes <int>
        Maximum number of routing passes.
        Default: 200

    -s <int>, --seed <int>
        Set seed for random generator to <int>.
        Default: 1

    -w <pcf-file>, --write-pcf <pcf-file>
        Write pin assignments to <pcf-file> after placement.

    -o <output-file>, --output-file <output-file>
        Write output to <output-file>.

    -v, --version
        Print version and exit.


2018-07-14: c1 - ada2p2 - ports - I installed arachne-pnr from ports on my FreeBSD workstation (c1)

Jul 14 12:13:30 kg-core1 pkg-static: arachne-pnr-g20180310 installed