T-amp: MA-160

Model: "Kinter" 2 channel MA-160

  • integrated circuit: LA4625 (a Sanyo LA4625 is rated a 13.5W)
  • frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • signal / noise ratio: 100 dB
  • output power: 20W max - RMS 10W
  • speaker impedance: 4 - 16 ohm
  • input impedance: 47 kohm
  • input sensitivity: 0.25 - 50 mV

power: 12 V DC, 5A, center pin positive

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2021-08-30: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2013-01-08: testing - I connected the speakers to the amp, connected a bench PSU (at 12 V) and connecte line out from my Squeezebox Duet and turned on. First I got a shock: the power LED is an RGB led, and it blinks! in red, green and blue! (more or less in tune with the music). Ugh. That being said, the amplifier works, sounds ok, and it drives the speakers.

2013-01-08: I opened up the amplifier: removing the back plate (four small screws in the coreners, one larger screw above the rca input contacts, and one largers screw on each side of the speaker connectors), removing the front plate (four small screws in the corners, pulling off knobs for bass, treble and volume controls the unscrewing the nuts and removing shims from bass and treble, and unscrewing the nut and removing the plastic inset for the volume control. The shim is behind the plastic inset on this one). Finally, after removing two screws on the bottom (they are screwed into a metal bracket glued onto the top side of the pcb) I could remove the pcb. The PCB has the markings for the power connector: center is positive. Now it is easy to see why the speaker connectors are angled; the plastic bracket has two plastic "pegs", one on each side which is supposed to go into matching holes on the pcb. But the left peg isn't in its hole, the connector is simply soldered on at an angle. Bad workmanship. I just fired up my soldering iron and fixed that, soldering the connector in correctly.

2013-01-08: power cord: the lead with a white stripe is connected to the center pin on the power plug.

2013-01-08: I bought a pair of speakers, JVC SP-UXP55, 60 W, 6 ohm for NOK 100.- at a local used gear shop (Maritabutikken).

2013-01-03: the package from the seller (musitank-usa) arrived today. It contained the small amp (in a red aluminum cabinet) and a power cord (plug on one end, wire ends on the other). The back of the amplifier says 12V DC, but doesn't say if center is positive or negative. I also noticed that the speaker connectors (four "press-to-insert cord" connectors in a row is sightly angled; it doesn't fit very well in the cutout on the back plate. Otherwise things looks ok.

2012-12-10: Today I bought a so called T-amp from a seller on eBay (musitank-usa), for USD 14.40, including shipping. I didn't buy a power supply. If the T-amp works well and the audio quality is acceptable, I intend to use it and a set of speakers as the audio system in my computer room. I will use the Squeezebox Duet as my audio source.