Digital TV / video

These days, I enjoy life without classic linear television. But back when I had cable TV, I experimented with digital TV and video. Some of it is documented on this page.

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Content providers

Content providers: Get Digital TV,



OSCam, sasc-ng, tvheadend, LibreELEC on Pi 2,


2018-08-25: returned the equipment that belongs to Get. Using the original boxes and the pre-paid label they provided, I dropped off the package at my local PIB (Extra Trondheimsveien).

2018-06-24: I ended up not getting a new conventional TV service. For now, I'm using KODI to watch NRK via internet (the service is "free" as in paid for by taxpayer money). The only thing I watch regularly on TV these days are the news and the weather forecast.

2017-12-21: next year we're getting a new Internet provider, this also means that the current TV provider stops delivering their service. If I want (conventional) TV, I will have to buy service from one of these: RiksTV, or Viasat.

2017-12-19: confirms that their IPtv box have HDMI as output. I already found out from their web pages that RiksTV and Viasat also have HDMI out on their IPtv boxes.

2016-09-03: I set up a Raspberry Pi 2 with KODI (via LibreELEC) as a frontend, currently running LibreELEC 7.0.2, which has Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.

2014-02-04: I should test the tvheadend port under FreeBSD. Apparently, it has all I need as long as I have one or more supported DVB-C cards. Perhaps webcamd will work for some of the usb based tuners.

2012-01-31: I created this page.