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2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-09-24: Bitraf - build night. The end cap came loose the last time, I guess wood glue isn't strong enough. This time I'm using super glue to glue it on. After fixing a few mechanical things, I checked the main board... and the phase jumpers were missing. After fitting the phase jumpers, it was time for a test. Test 2 - ok the tinyTesla works, but I have massive flashover from top of the secondary coil to the primary. I need to fix that. I added a layer of Kapton tape to the top of the secondry coil, and a double layer of Kapton between primary and secondary coil. Still flashovers from top of the secondary, and also from the middle (the part with no Kapton tape).Added Kaptoon tape the the rest of the secondary coil.

2015-09-10: Bitraf - build night. I mounted the correct mains plug on the mains lead. Tested the secondary with an oscilloscope.- the coil works, but the signal level is low. It doesn't look like there are any breaks in the coil. But I still don't measure 600 ohms between top and bottom. With help from another member (Kyrre) the problem was located to the top of the coil (probably the soldered ring at the top). We just soldered a wire from the outside of the top of the coil, and just wound it around the endcap screw. Now the resistance from top top bottom of the secondary coil is about 600 ohm. Test - frirst - connected up everything, verified that the output of the usb interruptor was blinking when playing a tune. Unfortunately, nothing happended when the TinyTesla was connected and I was playing a tune. Oh well.

2015-09-05: at Clas Ohlson I bought a Støpsel (mains plug) IP44 (22-135) for NOK 35.-

2015-09-03: Bitraf - build night. I replaced the 3.3V zeners with 3.6V zeners on the USB interrupter. Testing (using 1Tpanel on the Win8 tablet) works better now, I can regulate the light in the LED. Good. Needs: I need a correct connector for the power cable.

2015-09-01: the package from Hobbykomponenter arrived straight into my mailbox. Contents complete.

2015-08-31: I ordered 3.6V zener diodes (1N4729 - 1W) from - NOK 5. for a 5-pack + NOK 45.- for shipping (I ordered more components). Since these are 1W parts, I hope they fit in the holes (original zeners are 0.5W parts).

2015-08-30: Bitraf - open day. The build continues. wood glue works. I think I have a break in the secondary coil wire - I can't measure resistance anymore. Ouch. Also, the 3.3V (226B) zener diodes needs to be replaced with 3.6 V (227B) ones, according to the forum.

2015-08-29: I filled out the one year anniversary customer survey.

2015-08-27: Another build night at Bitraf. Fetched newest version (1.4) of the manual and errata before continuing the experience. Having fetched parts from the second kit, I mounted the antenna, soldered a ring terminal to the antenna wire and mounted it together. I also re-did the end cap, using superglue for most of the components, since hot melt glue didn't work out (not tough enough). Gluing the end cap to the top of the coil is difficult - I want to easily be able to remove it if the secondary coil wire breaks, but I want it to stay together for normal use. Last try is wood glue, I'll find out if it binds good enough.

2015-08-06: Finally, Bitraf build night again. I wound he primary, attached the primary connector, and started assembling the antenna. Hmm, it seems I have misplaced the antenna brass rod and breakout point.

2014-04-23: Bitraf build night again. I installed the IGBTs on the heatsink, mounted the main board to the heatsink and soldered the IGBTs. I had to bend the legs a bit closer to the IGBT body to make then fit through the holes. I then started on the secondary coil, soldering the ring terminals to the coil. I glued the small ring terminal t the hole with super glue (good enough). Next I put ten layers of varnish (clear, spray-on type) on the secondary coil. While waiting for each layer to dry (not sticking to fingers) I started assembling the end cap. I used hot melt glue for the end cap pieces. After the final varnish layer was dry, it was the end of the evening and I went home.

2014-04-16: another Bitraf build night. I started on the main board and it is almost finished now. I only need to install the IGBTs, and secure the main board to the heat sink.

2015-04-09: build night at Bitraf tonight. I managed to solder up the USB interrupter. With help from friends with a PC (I had only brought my Chromebook with me) I tested the USB interrupter with the (Windows) 1TPanel utility as well. The controller is recognized, but it doesn't look like the light intensity varies when the volume is varied in 1TPanel. Need to check that.

2015-04-09: using version 1.2 of the manual now.

2015-03-28: I bought 2 x 34-6047-7 clear varnish (spray can) for NOK 2 x 74.- at Clas Ohlson today.

2015-03-27: I downloaded the manual (newest version is v1.1) from oneTesla. I will need clear varnish / spray-on paint (polyurethane).

2015-03-27: this evening I picked up the package at my local PIB (Rimi Trondheimsveien) on my way home from work. The package contains 2 x tinyTesla DIY Tesla Coil Kit.

2015-03-13: I got a shipping notice with tracking number from the project.

2015-01-24: I added a tinyTesla Double Trouble deal for USD 119.- (99.- plus 20.- shipping)

2014-08-15: the project was funded.

2014-08-07: I backed the project with USD 169.- (pledge USD 149.- shipping USD 20.) Reward: Round 4 of tinyTesla kit rewards: everything you need to build a little desktop musical Tesla coil.