Kickstarter - TinyScreen

Project name: TinyScreen: A color display the size of your thumb!

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2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-02-28: the package from TinyCircuits showed up in my mailbox. Inside the "bubble Mailer #0" was a plastic ziplock bag with the TinyScreen Video Player Kit (ASK1006), and a packing slip.

2015-02-25: I got a shipping notice with tracking number from the project.

2014-12-08: the project sent out a response survey via BackerKit. I responded, selecting no upgrades.

2014-10-25: the project was funded.

2014-10-10: I backed the project with USD 70.- (USD 65.- + shipping) with a reward of "VIDEO PLAYER KIT - One TinyScreen, one TinyDuino processor, one USB TinyShield, one microSD Adapter TinyShield and one Lithium Polymer battery pack". Estimated delivery: February 2015.