Kickstarter - Tiny Arcade - A Retro Tiny Playable Game Cabinet

Project name: Tiny Arcade – A Retro Tiny Playable Game Cabinet


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2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2017-09-28: Bitraf build night - games - I downloaded the latest games and added to the SD card.

2017-09-28: Bitraf build night - I added a USB charging cable to the TinyArcade (thanks Bjørnar!)

2016-07-07: Bitraf build night. I assembled the Tiny Arcade by following the assembly instructions. Part 9 needed a slight adjustment to the upper fingers to get them to fit in the slots in part 11 (step twelve). Test it some - it works. Finished the Tiny Arcade by adding the stickers - the finished Arcade looks great!

2016-06-23: the package arrived, straight into my mailbox.

2016-06-15: I got a shipped notice and a tracking number.

2016-04-09: I responded to the survey, which was delivery details, cabinet color (black acrylic), stickers (Invaders), add-ons (none), shipping address,

2016-04-07: the project sent out a survey.

2015-12-18: the project was funded.

2015-11-28: I backed the project with USD 60.- + USD 10. in shipping. Reward: "One Tiny Arcade DIY Kit - Includes all the parts you need to create your own Tiny Arcade - the electronics (preloaded with some games), the cabinet case (as a kit), and stickers with artwork.", estimated delivery: March 2016.