Kickstarter - QU-BD One Up - Open Source Production Ready 3D Printer

Project name: QU-BD One Up - Open Source Production Ready 3D Printer

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2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2014-12-08: based on the latest comments on the Kickstarter page, there are more backers that hasn't received their rewards.

2014-10-13: update from the project: "The only remaining orders that have not been processed are ones that have not paid for extras.". Strange, I have not selected any extras.

2014-07-26: message from the project: "f you are in Batch #4 and you haven't received your printer yet we will be extending the coupon code for the acrylic upgrade to you and will be posting it shortly. Thank you!".

2014-04-01: the project sent out the response survey, and I responded, selecting no extras, no ABS upgrade (Heated Build Platform).

2013-11-18: the project was funded.

2013-11-16: I pledged a total of USD 397.- for a reward of "Batch #4: The complete QU-BD Two Up as an easy to assemble kit!", estimated delivery is March 2014.