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Project: TicPods Free: most interactive wireless earbuds

Technology: Bluetooth


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2022-02-03: the reason for wanting to upgrade the firmware on the TicPods Free - sometime the sound cuts out when I'm connected to a PC. Haven't seen the same problem when connected to a mobile phone.

2022-02-02: Installed the Mobvoi app on my Motorola G7 phone - the app tells me it ony handles TicWatches, and recommends installing the Mobvoi Smart life app. Ok, try that. The Mobvoi Smart life app lets me add the TicPods Free under Device, but I can't do anything with it, not even check the firmware / software version on them. Oh well, fine. This is still claiming that the Mobvio app should do it:

2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-10-27: Mobvoi - the app tells me "Already the latest version" when I try "Headphone update".

2019-10-27: apps - upgraded to Mobvoi 3.11.0-523.331,

2018-12-02: info from Reddit: Left Channel Not Pairing with Right Channel, right pod gestures not working and left individual pod doesnt connect?,

2018-12-02: apps - installed Mobvoi 3.1.0-333.212, permissions: camera, contacts, position, phone, text (SMS), storage +++. The app requires me to register with email address, so I do that. The only thing the app can (supposedly) do, is to upgrade firmware on the earplugs. When I try "Headphone update" it answers "Already the latest version". It doesn't tell me the version number of the currently installed firmware - bummer.

2018-12-02:power on - pairing. as soon as I open the (magnetic closed) charging case, the ear plugs power on and are ready to pair. I search them up with Bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and pair them. I can then play music through them.

2018-12-02: unpacking - the package contains

1 x charging case with
2 x earbuds inside
1 x lanyard (rubber)
1 x cgharging cable (microUSB to USB-A and USB-C)
2 x rubber earplugs (small)
1 x user guide
1 x safety document

2018-10-11: at 13:27 Bitraf, DHL delivered the package.

2018-10-10: I got a mail saying my order is on its way. Transport via DHL, I changed delivery address.

2018-04-18: I backed the campaign with USD 79.- plus shipping USD 15.- a total of USD 94.- for a perk TicPods Free Early-Bird, Estimated delivery: July 2018. I selected "Navy Blue" color.