I started with the Modula-2 language on the Amiga in 198x. Later, I got a PC and used Logitech Modula-2/86 Release 2.0.

Links: Modula-2 for CP/M, EDM: Logitech Modula-2,

Modula-2 source: The Programmer's Corner Modula II Source Code,

I have the following MODUS newsletters (aka The MODUS Quarterly):

Issue 10 - July 1990

Issue 9 - October 1987

Issue 8 - May 1987

Issue 7 - February 1987

Issue 6 - November 1986

Issue 5 - February 1986

Issue 4 - November 1985

Some dates:

1992-02-10: I received MODUS Quarterly Issue 10, about two years after it was published.

1987-08-07: MODUS sent me a letter confirming my membership renewal.

1987-06-30: I renewed my MODUS membership. Again CHF 45.-

1986-12-16 I got a letter about a possible membership in NORMUG (Norwegian Modula-2 User Group?), if it would be established. Did it? I can't remember.

1986-08-27: I sent in my application for a MODUS (Modula-2 Users Association) membership, it cost CHF 45.-