Commodore Amiga 4000

My Amiga 4000 started life as a a plain A4000/040.

serial number: 4388

CPU Card        : A3640 CARD Rev 3.0 [68040]
Kickstart, U175 (right) : 4000-0 (V40.68) [was: 391513-02 (V39.106)]
           U176 (left)  : 4000-1 (V40.68) [was: 391514-02 (V39.106)]
           (v39.106 = OS 3.0, v40.68 = OS 3.1)
Super Buster    : (soldered!) 390537-09 (rev G)
                  3-feb-94: replaced with a 390539-11 (rev H,socketed)
                            also replaced a PAL (new:391972-02)
Hard disk       : Seagate ST3144A(T) Rev 1, [124MB]
CD-ROM drive: Toshiba XM-4101 (serial no: 3Y60D04331)
Labels, etc     : 'A4000 CARD Rev G' (or 6) [MotherBoard]
                  'A4000 CARD PAL 4010293364837020003985' [MotherBoard]

Today, the setup looks a bit different.

Hard drive setup:

1 x IDE hard drive (Quantum Fireball CX 6.4 GB AT):
DH8:    3.0 GB    OS39_2005
DH9:    3.0 GB    (unpartitioned)

1 x SCSI hard drive (Quantum S Fireball 2.1 GB)
dh1:    500 MB    System_2000
dh2:    665 MB    Data
dh3:    345 MB    Extra

Cards in the machine

Manufacturer Product Zorro description
8512 34 III CyberVision 64 graphics card, from Phase 5 AHD: CyberVision 64,
2167 201 II Ariadne network card from Village Tronic. AHD: Ariadne,
8512 10 III Fastlane Z3, SCSI controller, from Phase 5
8512 11 III Fastlane Z3, memory expansion, from Phase 5 AHD: Fastlane Z3,
8512 100 II Cyberstorm PPC, from Phase 5 AHD: Cyberstorm PPC,

and a DblScan 4000 in the video slot. AHD: DblScan 4000,

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Links: AHD - Amiga Hardware Database, Big Book of Amiga Hardware, Arduino-PS2-Mouse-to-Amiga-Adapter, Amiga ps/2 wheel mouse controller, Henryk Richter - Amiga PS/2 Mouse adapter, Github: Bloodmosher/Amiga-VideoSlot-RGBtoHDMI, LinuxJedi/AmigaRGBtoHDMI, solarmon/RGBtoHDMI, Bootstrapping an Amiga without a bootable Amiga floppy,

work log

2023-04-03: amidon is a Mastodon client for AmigaOS 3.x.

2021-06-29: I soldered up an old "MKII Amiga2PS/2" adapter that I had laying around. Ordered from Kevin Mount KMTech back in the days. The instructions read:

  • Solder the 18 pins of the PIC16F6128A.
  • Solder the two capacitor leads.
  • Clip off the two capacitor leads.
  • Insert the clipped off capacitor leads into the four jumper holes and solder them. Note that the holes connected with one line are for Amiga operation, and those connected with two lines are for the Atari.
  • Slide the DB9 serial connector onto the PCB and solder it in place.
  • Finally, solder the PS/2 connector to the board.

That's it!

and a note to contact the seller if any problems. I soldered for Amiga operation. Also: it is a DE-9 connector.

Work in 2011.

2011-05-27: DataTypes: Installed akJFIF-dt 45.65, akLJPG-dt, akNAIL-dt, akPNG-dt, akTIFF-dt, and a few others.

2011-05-27: I installed ADF2disk version 1.1 to write ADF files back to floppies. I also installed VirusZ III version 1.02 and supporting files (xvs.library, reqtools.library, xfdmaster.library, and so on). The hotkey is Ctrl-Alt-V.

2011-04-24: I unpacked BoingBag3.9-2 (after finding the password with Google), and replaced the contents of SYS:Utilitites/AMPlifier with that of BoingBag3.9-2, but AMPlifier still crashes. So, something else is wrong.

2011-04-24: checking the version of the Cyberstorm-PPC firmware:

5.OS39_2005:> date
Sunday 24-Apr-11 13:12:24
5.OS39_2005:> version cybppc.device full
cybppc.device 44.69 ( 2.Mar.2000)
© 1997-2000 by Ralph Schmidt

2011-04-24: the script REXX:CorrectClock.rexx wasn't working. A list command showed the the E(xecutable) and S(cript) bits were missing. protect rexx:correctclock.rexx +e +s fixed that.

2011-04-23: I installed boards.library version 2.23 (board223.lha) BoardsLib and WhichAmiga version 1.3.23 ( Aminet WhichAmiga, and it gave the following output:

5.OS39_2005:download/sw> sys:extratools/whichamiga/whichamiga
WhichAmiga 1.3.23 (9.11.01)
Written by Harry "Piru" Sintonen. Copyright © 1995-2001 PitPlane Productions.

Evaluating system...
Central Processing Unit: MC68060 50.0 MHz (rev 1)
  1 WarpUP Processor(s): PPC 604e 200 MHz (rev 2.4), 66 MHz busclock
    Floating Point Unit: 68060fpu 50.0 MHz
 Memory Management Unit: 68060mmu running
   Custom graphics chip: AGA Lisa 4203 (rev 0)
  Custom animation chip: AGA PAL Alice 8374 2M (rev 3-4)
   Other custom chip(s): Paula 8364 (rev 0), Ramsey (rev 15), Gary (rev 0)
        Graphics system: Picasso96
      Graphics board(s): CyberVision 64
         Hardware Clock: not available
 Max. Chipmem available: 2032 K
 Max. Fastmem available: 114176 K
       ROM chip version: 40.68 (Kickstart 3.1)
  ReKicked ROM, version: 45.57 (Kickstart 3.9)
      Workbench version: 45.4 (Workbench 3.9)
       SetPatch version: 44.38
     Expansion board(s):
8512/34: Phase 5 Digital Products CyberVision 64 (@$40000000 64M)
2167/201: Village Tronic Ariadne Ethernet Card (@$00E90000 64k)
8512/100: Phase 5 Digital Products CyberStorm PPC/MK III SCSI (@$00F01060 128k)
Cyberstorm PPC serial #: DC50197

 Your computer is an Amiga 4000.

Cool! I also registered my PowerUP board. As can be seen, my Fastlane Z3 has been (temporarily) removed from the Amiga.

2011-04-10: I also installed BoingBag39-3 (from the community). After editing S:Startup-Sequence, I realized that I had forgot to add NoCache to the new SetPatch command line. Luckily, the Emergency disk (floppy) saved me.

2011-04-10: I installed the iBoingBag39-2 (BB3.9-2) update, and selected to NOT install the ROM update.

2011-04-10: I installed the BoingBag39-1 update.

2011-04-06: Fastlane Z3 - checking the version of the z3scsi.device:

1> version z3scsi.device
z3scsi.device 5.1034

Now that I have a EPROM burner with a PLCC adapter for 32-pin PLCC's, perhaps I should upgrade to version 8.5 of z3scsi.device.

2011-04-04: network - to get the network working, I had to get ariadne.device (v1.5) copied over to the machine (I had an lha archive it on my workstation). So I copied it to a dos-formatted floppy, and inserted that into the A4000. First it wouldn't recognize it, so I went to SYS:Storage/DOSDrivers and double-clicked on the PC0 icon. Voila, instant recognition of the dos floppy. Copied the file to a download folder on my A4000, and double-clicked it to unpack. Then I copied ariadne.device to DEVS:Networks. I then opened SYS: Internet/Genesis and double-clicked the GenesisWizardRA. Once the Wizard was started, I selected "Network", then selected ariadne.device from the pop-up dialog, next, then selected "NO" for special configuration, and the wizard did a BOOTP request which failed (what, Genesis doesn't know about DHCP?), and the I just manually entered my IP address, gateway, dns and so on. I started GenesisRA, selected the ariadne interface I had just configured (ariadne0) and clicked on "online". And online I was. Very cool!. I started AWeb-II just to test it, and it works.

2011-04-04: alive again - today I connected up the A4000 again, and powered it on. It didn't boot at first, but I did a reset (Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga) and held both mouse buttons to get to the boot menu. In the boot menu I selected partition DH8 to boot from, and selected "boot". And I got booted into AmigaOS. The name of partition DH8: (3 GB) is OS39_2005, and that is what is on it too. Cool!

I did some work on the A4000 in 2005.

2005-05-02: I received AmigaOS 3.9 from Datakompaniet.

2005-04-27: This was the last time I asked Datakompaniet for an update of my order for AmigaOS 3.9 (I requested a status update six times total).

2005-01-18: I wrote Reviving an old Amiga - episode 1 (thanks, Internet Archive!). Funny that I installed AmigaOS 3.1 and not 3.9, but perhaps I didn't get to that.

2005-01-10: I ordered Amiga OS 3.9 - the new Amiga Operating system from Datakompaniet and paid NOK 542.25 for it - in advance. I still have that CD.


My A4000 history, most parts of it:

1998-08-26: I got the CS-PPC, it set me back NOK 10489.-

1998-06-25: I ordered a Cyberstorm PPC with 68060 and 128 MB RAM.

1998-06-15: I bought a Zyxel Plus ISDN adapter for NOK 2258.-

1998-01-25: I received a keyfile for AmIRC 2.0 for UKP 20.- (NOK 251.09)

1998-01-20: I bought IBrowse 1.12 from Hisoft for UKP 30.60 (NOK 386,50). The new IBrowse web page.

1997-12-08: I upgraded the Miami keyfile to version 3, it cost me USD 12.-

1997-07-21: I received the Final Writer 97 upgrade.

1997-05-20: I ordered the Final Writer 97 upgrade for NOK 645.-

1997-05-18: I ordered a MUI license for USD 25. (NOK 180.-)

1997-04-24: I got a license code for Miami for USD 25.-

1997-03-26: I got a Quantum S 2170MB Fireball scsi hard drive for NOK 3098.-

1997-02-05: I got PC-Task 4.0 upgrade for USD 60.-

1996-09-09: I got 16 MB RAM (4 x 4 MB) for NOK 1100.-

1996-06-27: I bought a DblScan 4000 for NOK 1458 + 459 = 1917.-

1996-01-30: I bought AmiTCP/IP 4 from NSDi.

1995-11-09: I bought an Idek iiyama MF-8617E 17 inch monitor for NOK 8462.- includng shipping. This is probably the best CRT monitor I have owned.

1995-10-31: Note: I had to swap the Fastlane Z3 and the CV64; the CV64 is now in the bottom slot in the machine, and the Fastlane Z3 in the top slot. Before doing this, the Fastlane Z3 claimed that my disks had read-write errors on them.

1995-10-30: I bought a Cybervision 64 / 4MB graphics card. It set me back NOK 4600.-

1995-10-20: I registered Holger Kruse's ppp.device for NOK 154.-

1995-10-18: I registered Shapeshifter for NOK 302.-

1995-07-08: I bought a 660MB scsi hard drive (Micropolis 1588-15MB1057404) for NOK 1187.-

1995-06-30: I got the game Pinball Illusions for NOK 200.-

1995-04-04: I bought a US Robotics V.FAST 28.800 V34 Courier modem. Total cost NOK 4692,35.

1995-03-27: I bought a midi tower cabinet to house the tape streamer and my other SCSI units. Total cost NOK 796.-

1995:02-21: I bought a (used) Wangtek 5150 tape streamer (scsi) for NOK 1000.- I guess this is the 5150ES model, as it has a scsi interface.

1995-02-05: I got a new ROM (v5.1034) for the Fastlane Z3 for about NOK 100.-

1994-12-17: I bought Final Writer v2, Norwegian for NOK 1066.-

1994-12-15: I received PC-Task 3 upgrade for a total of NOK 326,28

1994-10-03: I bought Workbench 3.1 for Amiga 4000. Total cost NOK 1641.-

1994-07-26: I got 3 x 4 MB SIMM RAM for NOK 2000.-

1994-07-08: I bought ImageFX v1.50, cost NOK 1253.-

1994-05-02: I got a CD-ROM drive for NOK 3290.- including shipping.

1994-03-14: I bought a Phase5 Fastlane Z3 controller and a Quantum 540MB scsi hard drive. Total cost NOK 10000.-

1994-01-21: I got the A4000 upgraded with a new Super Buster and PAL. Done under warranty, I only had to pay shipping.

1994-01-08: I ordered the Native Developer Kit 3.1 for NOK 225.-

1993-12-15: I bought a Canon BJC600 inkjet printer. Total cost 7098.- including shipping.

1993-12-01: NComm upgraded to version 3.02R, it cost me NOK 70.- and totally worth it.

1993-11-15: I registered Thor offline reader for NOK 65.- money well spent.

1993-10-15: I bought CygnusED v3.5 NOK 940.- and Pinball Fantasies NOK 369.- plus shipping.

1993-08-19: I registered PC-Task, a total of NOK 307,50

1993-04-21: I bought [Directory Opus[( V4 NOK 695.- and Final Copy II v2.2 NOK 995.-

1993-02-17: I ordered an Amiga 4000 (A4000/040 with 6 MB RAM and 120 MB hard drive) from OPCON, and paid NOK 23500.- in advance. Whew!